FBI Season 1 Episode 13 Partners in Crime
This story begins with a bank shootout that involves the killing of a police officer. Then it turns liberal left into propaganda about the killers being the victims. The main killer's Dad killed his Mother and two sisters, so the killer is a victim of crime too, and had no chance to grow up normal. The two accomplices have been victims of kidnapping by the main killer, so they are victims too. Everyone is a victim, and the FBI does not want to hurt anyone. The logic of the main FBI characters is flawed and disappointing. Early on, the FBI have the killers blocked off in an alley, and Missy and Zaiko and 20 other agents cannot manage to shoot the killers, so the killers run into a bar and take seven hostages. Really incompetent police work. Then the FBI agents have the bright idea of bringing the killer's father out of Federal Prison to visit his son at the hostage location. It is impossible for that prison release and transfer to happen in less than 5-6 hours, and any gunshot victim would have bled out long before the convicted killer Father arrived from prison. At one point when the NYPD Chief is ordering the two killers to be shot by snipers, and the snipers have a clean shot, and the two FBI agents cancel that, because they argue that the killers are victims too. Perhaps the worst part of this show is that the Muslim identity of the male agent is a big disability, because he wants approval and wants to be seen as a team player. It is always about him being a Muslim, not really about The F.B.I.
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